Hujoo dana

When I first learned about BJD’s, I was utterly amazed! The first thing I thought was ” OMG these are anime dolls…but better!” I love anime and manga, and dolls as well and never in my life thought I would stumble upon a hobby that combined the two. For the longest, I collected regular generic brand fashion dolls such as Barbie, Brats, and ect. to feed my “doll loving” need. But I soon came to come to the fact that something was missing. I enjoyed collecting these dolls, but I felt as if I wasn’t getting enough out of my collecting. I wanted more. And what I wanted was customization. To be able to make something that was all my own, and be able have say so over what my doll would look like. Thus my BJD collecting began.

I’ll admit, at the moment I currently only have one big doll( My hujoo Dana MSD size or 43cm), and the other four are 27cm dollfies from Volks. I am planning on buying more from some of my other favorite doll companies, but till MAMA gets some more cash, I’ll have to wait 😥 . Scarlet My Hujoo Dana was my first big doll, and I was so excited to get her. I’d saved every dime and penny, and had finally got enough. The best thing about this hobby is that it teaches you the value of a dollar LOL! I don’t have a job, and am still in high school(senior year now), so you could imagine how hard it was to save a hundred and so if you add the wig price and eyes, but to be honest she was the cheapest doll I’d seen on the market and was very well worth it.

Excuse my crappy photoshop efforts, but I’d rather not show Scarlet in the nude without her consent…LOL. This was a picture from when she arrived. Her box opening pictures are way overdue since I had gotten her about a year ago from now(yeahI’m lazy), but better now than never!:D! When I took her out of the box, I was surprised how big she was( counting the fact that I was so use to 27cm, so this was very impressive to me!) And she was very much flexable.

Busting into her wig package, I couldn’t wait to see how she’d look in her wig. I bought her from, as well as her wig and eyes. Her wig is Dollzone, and I dk where her eyes were originally made. I was so happy to see she could stand on her own!XD

I just loved how flexible she is, and her joints are so unique as they have a special joint system which is another reason I was so intrigued by her.

In her arms and as well as her legs, she has “peanut” like gears that lock her poses into place, which I really like so I don’t have to too much worry about her toppling over.


Her very first outfits were a few scraps of fabric I had made into a tank top and a skirt, and a “maid” like outfit from an old doll I’d found in my closet that fit her ok after a bit of altering. I’m planning to get her some new clothes soon, but recently I made her an outfit from some black fabric I had, the pic being below.

well hope you enjoyed my post, I hope to post more stuff about my dolls real soon, hopefully my Dollfie Dream some day!XP


April 2, 2012. Hujoo.

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