Scarlet’s New Jeans!!


Since there’s no school today thanks to Good Friday(yaaaXP) I decided to do a little sewing for my girl Scarlet. Recently my step dad ripped an enormous whole into his work jeans, and my mom was just about to throw them away. Luckly I grabbed them just in time to use them for scraps( ironic how I turned a pair of old jeans into actual new jeans for my doll:)).


Any who, I’m not the best at sewing, but managed to make a decent pair of jeans for her, that I am so glad that they fit! The last time I tried to sew pants, they were too small in the legs and they wouldn’t fit her at all!!!! 😥 But this time I was successful in making a decent pair.


You can see the jean scraps in the background. I was also planning on making a skirt for her as well with an old shirt I found. Also today I got an ice-cream eraser from a friend of my moms when she went to the Bluebell ice-cream factory not too long ago, and it seemed to be right in scale with Scarlet.


Seems like Scarlet’s waving goodbye! 🙂


April 6, 2012. Hujoo.

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